Al Hussaini Automation Co. has an award winning safety philosophy, which can be interfaced with our client’s own safety policies and procedures.

We consider achieving the highest standards of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) performance as a key organizational objective. Improvement in safety procedures is ongoing, as we are continually auditing our sites and completing on-site work observations of our peers’ work practices.

We recognize the benefits of effective OSH management, both in human and economic terms, and consider current legislative OSH requirements to be the minimum acceptable performance standards and strive to exceed them.

To encourage the promotion of safety as an essential element of all activities within Al Hussaini Automation Co. we have introduced safety TOM, in conjunction with the slogan “Erection safety is erection safely for zero injuries”. Safety practices are developed with input from our employees and have been thoroughly documented.

Management is accountable for providing the safety processes, practices, structure, equipment, supervision and training so that employees and sub-contractors are free from the risk of work-place injury or illness.

Al Hussaini Automation Company’s Safety Mates “Looking after each other” program utilizes the Dupont safety management philosophy. Our managers and supervisors conduct Unsafe Acts Prevention (UAP) safety observations and all employees conduct Stop & Think risk assessments before commencing any job. We also implement effective risk management processes including site and project hazard studies. We ensure standards are continually upheld by conducting pre-start meetings at the commencement of each shift, together with weekly tool-box meetings.

Our system also allows our management team to analyze leading and lagging key performance indicators to ensure we continue to modify and improve our work behavior and work place performance.